Welcome to the QtAda


QtAda is an Ada2005 language bindings to the Qt libraries and a set of useful tools. Qt is a cross-platform C++ development framework developed and supported by Nokia. QtAda supports Qt version 4.6 and later.

QtAda allows easly to create cross-platform powerful graphical user interface completely on Ada 2005. QtAda applications will work on most popular platforms — Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux/Unix — without any changes and platform specific code. QtAda applications use native look and feel (and even use user's Control Panel setting) on every supported platforms.

QtAda allows to use all power of visual GUI development with Qt Designer on all software lifecycle stages — from prototyping and up to maintanace.

QtAda is not just a bindings to the existent Qt widgets, it also allows to develop your own widgets and integrates it into the Qt Designer for high speed visual GUI development.

QtAda uses native thread safe signal/slot mechanism and provides full transparent integration with Ada tasks.

QtAda provides excellent support for application localization/internationalization, including message translations, locale specific character and string processing, date/time and numerics formatting.

QtAda/GtkAda Integration Kit

QtAda/GtkAda Integration Kit allows to use both toolkits in one application. It makes simple integration of existing GtkAda code into the QtAda application.