The Hot and The Not: NFL Players Ranking

These are the players that made it through our list – those who performed well and those that needs improvement.

The basis for this list is their over-all performance during Week 14 of the 2016 NFL Season. Decisions were well thought and debated around facts and stats, as well as objective comparison to other performing players.


Here is a list of players you should look out for the next games.

Jameis Winston

He is our top 1 in the list of top performing quarterbacks. His performance against New Orleans had us impressed and will definitely be someone to look out for in the future.

Kirk Cousins

He’s rank 2 even though he ranked 9 in FFN; defense has toughened and is expected to continue

Latavius Murray

Despite injury and only topping his rush to 100 yards, Murray seems to be promising as he was given a tough assignment against the Chiefs but pushed through. We’re keeping an eye.

Jeremy Hill

Facing Cleveland’s defense twice, Hill still cracks a pretty adequate number of fantasy points. He’s still under our careful watch.

Julian Edelman

He pulled off being the main receiver after colleagues got off the game this week,


Unfortunately, the season seems to look bad on these athletes:

Mason Crosby

Mason Crosby is ranked 22nd among kickers, this long-time fantasy staple. Seattle have submitted only 1.3 over the last three weeks; 5.1 fantasy points this season.

Dennis Pitta

He’s ranked 19th on FFN putting him outside TE1.

Martellus Bennett

What’s upsetting is this player sets you up then sets you down. Even so, he fairly gives charges once in a while but still not enough.

Rishard Matthews

Giving only three wide receivers chance to hit up a double digit fantasy point against a relatively low cutting team, he’s on or Not list.

Allen Robinson

Just like Matthews, Robinson only allowed three wide receivers the chance to hit up double digit points against the 4th fewest yard-through-the-air yielding team, he’s made it here.

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