A Beginner’s Guide to Fantasy Football

Many players are slowly getting hooked to Fantasy Football League. Many NFL fans have started drafting their own teams with their own 15 players. If you do not know how this game works, grab your custom hoodies toronto and read through this quick guide on how you can play Fantasy Football League with other NFL fans.

What is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football is a game based on real NFL players. Each week, you will fill out your team roster. This roster will consist of starting players at their various positions on the allowed base given your league settings. The team should have 2 Running Backs, 1 Quarter Back, 2 Wide Receivers, one Tight End, 1 Defense, 1 FLEX, and 1 kicker.

How does it work?

When choosing your starting team, you need to get the statistics of your starting players. These are accumulated in the field and will contribute to their total point for that specific week. All the points done by your starting lineup are tallied as your weekly scores. If you happen to have higher total points than the other player, then you win for that week. The players that were not on your starting lineup are considered “bench”. They will still be given points like the other players. However, these points will not be counted as part of your total weekly total.

Each week, the game will continue playing the same rules until the regular fantasy season ends. Usually, the game would last for 13-14 weeks, depending on the league settings. After Week 14, the teams with the best records throughout the season will enter the fantasy playoff rounds. The team who wins the remaining games in the playoff rounds are usually crowned as the league champion on Week 16.

Timeline and league settings vary in different football fantasy leagues. It is important that you read and know more about the fantasy league that you are playing.

New Season Begins

The new season has just started on September 7 when the Kansas City Chiefs visited the Super Bowl champion, the New England Patriots. For every game, you need to have a lineup ready. If you happen to be late for the kickoff, players from your roster will be locked. Whether they are part of the starting lineup or at the bench, they will not be able to play until all the games are played on that week. It is best that you take note of the schedule of the games.

Apart from that, you can mix and match your lineup until the games on Sunday. It is very important that you set your lineup five minutes before the kickoff starts. It is also very important that you prepare ahead by checking out their statistics and research on possible matchups and strategies that can help you complete your team.

The fantasy football league is an easy game to play. If you are ready, it is now time to create your team lineup and compete with other fantasy football players all over the world.

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