NFL Player Seeks Permission to Use Medicinal Cannabis

Athletes cannot avoid getting injured because they always engage in very strenuous activities. It is very important for them to warm up, stretch, and wear safety gear depending on the sport. One athlete named Mike James, an American football player asked permission from the league to use CBD Oils for therapeutic purposes. Unfortunately, the league rejected it in May. He was not able to prove that he was suffering from chronic pain. However, he still remained hopeful that his request would be granted. According to James, submitting the therapeutic use exemption (TUE) is a very huge risk. He sacrificed his career just to be able to do it and now there is no turning back now.

James was a pick from the sixth round for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last 2013. In 2013, things did not really go well for him. He broke his ankle and required surgery. Consequently, he experienced chronic pain and became addicted to painkillers. At first, he only took the dosage recommended for him. In the long run, however, he found ways to acquire extra pills. Studies show that 52% of retired NFL players have been using painkillers throughout their career. There is also a reported 70% who tend to abuse the drug.

After his wife encouraged him, he began using CBD oils. It is legal in the state of Florida. He replaced painkillers with CBD oil while he continued to play in the NFL. He was able to notice some changes right away. According to James, if he takes a break from using CBD Oils, he cannot medicate. He also struggles with headaches, sciatic pain, spasms, and weight issues. He will not be able to train. He was also tested positive twice in 2017 and 2018 under the policy and substance abuse program of NFL. Cannabis has been prohibited under this policy, which tests the players once a year.

The TUE request was rejected by the NFL. Brian Muraresku James’ lawyer believes that this is the first application on American sports league. Muraresku is hoping for a solution, though. There was a misunderstanding whether the evidence being submitted is enough about James experiencing symptoms related to traumatic brain injury and chronic pain syndrome.

Mike is not allowed to use painkillers because he has a long history of addiction and substance abuse. So the doctors focused on using CBD to treat his chronic pain syndrome. Dr. Sisley who is one of the researchers involved in the clinical trials stated that it is risky. There is a risk of dependency and instances of psychosis like anxiety and paranoia. The conclusion is that patients who are treated with CBD are said to experience relief from chronic pain.

CBD is very useful and has a lot of benefits. It is also able to cure different symptoms. Even though it was not legalized yet in some states, that does not stop them from improving and fighting to make it legalized. Everybody hopes that it would be finally made legal since the results are great and positive.

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