Ways to Improve Your Sports Team Website Design

Do you want to promote your sports team well? Then one of the first things to do is create an attractive website so that you can gain a lot of awareness. Of course, not everyone has a knack for design so some people may need help when they’re in charge of making the website design. So for those who need some aid in designing their sports team’s website, here’s a UI/UX design agency based in Singapore that has provided some helpful pro tips.

Keep It Short and Simple

One of the cardinal rules of modern graphic design would be to keep it short and simple. This is especially true for sports website wherein visitors want to get to the point and see what they want to see. Fortunately, there are a lot of sports website templates that you can buy or get for free if you don’t want to make your own layout. Try out the simplest ones to get the best results.

Use Only Large But Block Fonts

As mentioned above, people want to get straight to the point and see what they want to see. That’s why you’d want to use large and block fonts for your content. This especially holds true for news or blog content. You have to make your written content easy for your viewers to read otherwise they’ll leave right away.

Use Your Team’s Colors

 The team colors are part of the entire branding of your team, so it makes perfect sense to use the team colors as your website’s color scheme. Aside from your team logo being there, the team colors helps with brand retention.

Post HD and Professional Photos

 Since you’re trying to promote your team, you have to show your viewers pictures of your team. This will help your viewers actually see what your team looks like. Also, you’ll want to post professional pictures like a team photo taken by a pro photographer. Selfies and regular cellphone photos just won’t cut it anymore. People want to see effort, and professional HD photos can show that.

Highlight Updates on the Main Homepage

 The whole purpose of your page is to promote your team and get supporters. In order to do that, you have to make sure that the viewers are updated. In order to do that, you have to place the news at the forefront of your website so that it will show when your viewers open the site. Some of the things you can put would be news of your team winning a game or an upcoming match.


 If you have all those elements in your team’s website, then you’ll definitely get a lot of viewers. Now, if you don’t want to do the designing by yourself, there’s always the option to get a graphic designer to do it for you. There are many professionals in the field of graphic design, especially in Singapore that you can check out. Singapore is home to some of the finest artists so you may want to search the web for freelancers there.

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