How to Reduce Waste at the Football Games

Sporting events offer a great opportunity for getting the word out on environment conservation and sustainability operations.

Design a Waste Reduction Plan

You will also need to budget for this program given the costs associated with waste reduction plans such as recycling and hiring dumpster rental Stratford CT services etc. You will, therefore, need to secure funds to facilitate the program.

The first step in reducing waste at your football games is coming up with an effective game plan. A successful waste reduction plan will require a program coordinator who will take the lead in managing the project. The person responsible should be knowledgeable about waste management and the venue of the games.

It will also be important to assess your facility.

Set Goals

Goals are vital in ensuring the success of any endeavor. Setting goals can also increase participation from the school fraternity. Some of the goals that you could set include increasing the total amount of waste recycled or eliminating paper waste such as through e-ticketing and reduction of the amount of waste per person. In order to set practical goals, you will need to carry out some research on the areas that can be targeted. It is also important that you set smart goals which are quantifiable and tangible.

 Recruit Volunteers

Drafting volunteers can be a huge boon in the waste reduction effort. They can be recruited from eco-minded organizations in the school and the community at large. In order to realize the most from volunteers, schedule meetings whereby you can go over the relevant information. This includes assignining of responsibilities and duties as well as allocating volunteers stations. One of the most effective ways through which the volunteers can be organized is by splitting them into small groups and devising an effective way of communication.

Target High Traffic areas

Tailgating areas normally produce a proportionately high amount of volume compared to other areas. A report written by the University of Tennessee and published by the EPA revealed that targeting such areas can significantly reduce the amount of waste at football games. Dumpster rental services providers should be advised to distribute bins to high traffic areas such as parking lots.

It is also important to keep the location of bins consistent. This can reduce littering as fans will know where they can drop off litter and recyclables.

Collaborate with Stadium Staff

Working with stadium staff can also be a boon to promote good waste manage systems. You can discuss potential areas of collaboration with the various vendors on how they can contribute to the waste reduction program. For instance, you can encourage food and drink vendors to use recyclable wrapping. You can also encourage them to use plastic that is recyclable in your area. Working with all stakeholders will ensure that no areas are overlooked.

 Communicate Results

Publishing results about the waste reduction initiative is a good way of letting stakeholders know the effects of their efforts. It is also a good way through which you can receive feedback that can be integrated back to the initiative. It is important to remember to thank the participants of the program. With everyone’s concerted effort, waste reduction success will surely come around.

The above outlines steps through which waste can be reduced at football games.

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