Athletes with the Best Dress Styles

Several athletes have the best dress styles. They range from preppy and polished to full-blown eccentric looks. They have all managed to play sports while looking good doing it. Some of them have taken up designing as a part-time job. David Beckham, Chris Eubanks, Venus William, and Maria Sharapova use stitch fix. If you have a question like is stitch fix actually expensive? then this article is for you.

Examples of Trendy Athletes

Several athletes dress to kill while not on the field. Tony Brady is a great example. He is the quarterback of New England Patriots. Tom announced his latest endorsement deal to a fashion company. The three-time super bowl champion, married to Gisele Bundchen who is a supermodel, is currently the face of UGG Australia. Several critics were not happy about the ‘Giselification’ of Tom Brady. They said that tom was going through a personality change since UGG Australia is a brand that designs girly sheepskin boots and the athlete now has new long hair. However, Tom Brandy’s involvement is hardly a personality change stemming from marriage but instead, it is a business for him. Before getting married to Gisele, he had a good relationship with some of the tailors like Tom Ford and Ermenegildo Zegna. He had even let people dress him up.

Other athletes include Dwayne Wade as he loves Gucci and Louis Vuitton. David Beckham who was a British soccer star currently designs a line for menswear too. Dhani joannes designs a line of bow ties; he is a former player of Cincinnati Bengals and Charlotte Casiraghi, the daughter of Princess Carolina of Monaco, is an equestrian being sponsored by Gucci, making athletes the trendsetters and icons away from the field or the court.

The Cause of the Sudden Surge in Fashion Athletes

Corporate sponsorships have played a huge role. The relationship between fashion and sports has grown over recent years. Big fashion brands have stepped up to sponsor sports stars as a marketing strategy. Designers have also not been left behind. Designers like Joseph Abboud dresses the New York Giants.

Another reason is the return of the classic style. In the 20s and 30s, the athletes would wear eight-panel hats and impeccably tailored suits. The 50s and 60s saw the rise of fedoras and buttoned up suits on the field. The preppy look was the signature look for most coaches. The nineties and eighties were a dark period for sports styles. The athletes mostly wore six button suits and huge jewelry. As time progressed, they traded in their gangster look for a more preppy and well-tailored look. Today, the athletes are now returning to the early classical style.

Today’s choice of clothes has a subdued style. However, they still have influence and are able to move merchandises outside the court. Athletes are not only aiming to look good, but they also want to feel good.  They have a personal stylist to help them appear as preppy as Roger Federer who is a tennis payer, or maybe they want to try an eccentric look similar to Chris Eubank’s style. He would wear bowler hats and jodhpurs and sometimes sports a monocle. All in all, sports and fashion has come a long way, and despite them changing from time to time, they’re never inseparable.

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