All You Need to Know about the European Super League

We all know that Europe is home to some of the best European teams that are found in the entire football world. But, what if the elite teams of Europe could form their own ฟุตบอลออนไลน์ league? Wouldn’t that be something to talk about? Well, it could be a reality as there have been some talks that there could be a European Super League by 2021. This came from documents by Der Spiegel.

As exciting as it may seem, it does raise the question as to how it will be like. What will the format be? What teams will join in?  How will they entice participation? Here are a few things that we know about the European Super League and how it may take the football scene.

Teams in the European Super League

The first question that would pop into anyone’s head regarding this would be what teams will be in. Well, the documents of Der Spiegel stated that 11 elite teams, mainly Barcelona, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man U, Manchester City, Juventus, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Bayern Munich, and Paris Saint Germain are all looking at being in this League. The leaked document stated that just their signatures are needed before they can get into the European Super League.

While these guys are the main players in this scene, possible guest clubs could also include Roma, Inter, Marseille, Atletico Madrid, and Borussia Dortmund. However, they won’t be the regulars unlike the 11 mentioned teams above.

Marketing Strategy

While this all seems very exciting, a big question to be raised would be how will teams be enticed to play? Well, the document leaked that there will be higher monetary rewards if the big clubs play as regulars. They are looking to offer higher rewards than that of the Champion League. With that, the European Super League may even aim for better television and broadcast deals.

Effect on Super League

The document did not mention anything about the Champions League as of this point. It may or may not replace the Champions League but that claim is still under wraps. As for its effect on other leagues, that is still to be seen.

Date of Execution

Since everything is really still under wraps, there have been no formal announcements of this league pushing through yet. Rumors only came out in 2016, but no formal talks were made yet. However, emails were leaked, which is why rumors continued circulating. While the rumors did include Bayern Munich as a team, the club publicly denied that they were a part of any team that will lead a Super League. However, that may be a cover-up for the event possibility that a European Super League will really push through.


If ever a European Super League will eventually appear, it’s definitely going to be a real stunner. Of course, there still is no concrete news about it, but, if it will happen, there’s much work to be done. For now, the only thing we know would be the content from leaked emails from Der Spiegel.

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