Shooting yourself in the foot using different ways of communication in programming

The spread of present ways of communication in programing at times makes it hard for programmers to remember which tongue they are using. You should Check Adventurefootstep now because it  offers help to programmers who are in such difficulties.

370 JCL

Transport your foot to MIS and make a document containing 300 pages that clearly explains how you want it to be shot. After two years, you will receive your foot back cooked.

You shoot yourself in the skull just contemplating how you are going to shoot yourself.

You search for the first establishment you’re in in the directory, then search for your office number in the corporate directory. Then you have to pen down the information and describe in cubits your correct location in relation to the right side of the door. After that, you have to pen down the location of the guns, load the guns and the COBOL program, and finally, run them.


Using a Civil War-era musket, you shoot yourself in the foot. The gun is beautiful and the wound you made confuses the medical staff in the ER.


You shoot yourself in the foot using a water pistol. On huge systems, don’t stop until the whole lower body is soaked with water.


You shoot yourself in the foot and no one will discover what you have done.


You purchase a gun and you buy bullets from a different company. Then you discover that the upcoming version of the gun is the one that should be used to shoot the bullets.

You pull the trigger, but another person did something to the index of the gun and you get shot in the eye.

You pull the trigger, yet the bullet is so slow that when you realize you feel the pain on your foot, you’ve forgotten the reason why you shot yourself.


You place your foot in your mouth, then eat it.


You shoot each toe you have repeatedly until you have no more toes left, then, you do it to the other foot. When you run out of bullets and toes, you don’t stop because no processing for an exception is expected.


Using a little penknife, you carve your foot with a bullet hole. But then you want to make it look more persuading, so you use a Dreamweaver.


You shoot yourself in the foot without any difficulty with clean images that show the result of what you did. Twenty hours and ten thousand lines of codes later, your friend confidently announces that he has done the same thing using an Excel spreadsheet.


You discover that Sun and Microsoft have produced conflicting class libraries both enforcing Gun objects. Although there are several foot objects enforced previously in several languages, you discover that you don’t have permission to use one. Yet, considering JavaScript to be cool, you don’t mind and go recklessly shooting anything you see.


You can simply pull the gun’s trigger, yet you have to study geometry to ensure the bullet hits your foot.

Mac OS X

You attempt to shoot yourself in the foot coming from the GUI but the gun has mysteriously turned into a group of skittles.

Objective C

You write rules for shooting yourself in the foot so that everyone can also get shot on theirs.


The compiler prevents you from shooting yourself in the foot.

The gun is placed in such a way that it won’t be possible to hit your foot, but you can change its position and shoot yourself in the skull instead.

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