To install QtAda from the source code distributive you need to have installed Qt, C++ compiler, Ada compiler and ASIS (optional).

To install QtAda from binary package you heed to have installed Qt libraries and Ada compiler only.

Current stable version — QtAda 3.1

Version Source Microsoft Windows package
3.1.0 qtada-gpl-3.1.0.tar.gz qtada-gpl-3.1.0-qt4.7.0-1.exe (GNAT GPL 2010, Qt 4.7.0)

Previous stable version

Version Source Microsoft Windows package
qtada-gpl-3.0.0.tar.gz qtada-gpl-3.0.0-qt4.5.1-1.exe (GNAT GPL 2009, Qt 4.5.1)
2.2.0 qtada-gpl-2.2.0.tar.gz qtada-gpl-2.2.0-qt4.5.1-1.exe (GNAT GPL 2009, Qt 4.5.1)
2.1.0 qtada-gpl-2.1.0.tar.gz qtada-gpl-2.1.0-qt4.4.3-1.exe (GNAT GPL 2008, Qt 4.4.3)
2.0.0 qtada-gpl-2.0.0.tar.gz qtada-gpl-2.0.0-qt4.4.1-1.exe (GNAT GPL 2008, Qt 4.4.1)
1.0.4 qtada-gpl-1.0.4.tar.gz qtada-gpl-1.0.4-qt4.4.0-r1.exe (GNAT GPL 2008, Qt 4.4.0)

QtAda 3.1.x snapshots

QtAda 3.1.1 will be next bug fixes release of QtAda 3.1.

QtAda 3.1.1 source code: qtada-gpl-3.1.1-20110124-3820.tar.gz

QtAda 3.1.1 Microsoft Windows package (GNAT GPL 2009, Qt 4.7.0): qtada-gpl-3.1.1-20110124-3820-qt4.7.0-1.exe

QtAda 3.2.x snapshots

QtAda 3.2.x is a current developing version. It has many new useful features, several incompatible changes and it is a subject to change without notification.

Important changes in QtAda 3.2.x

  • new GPS integration plugin
  • support for Qt 4.8
  • example of Qt Designer plugin for custom Ada widget
  • extended support of QAbstractItemMode, QDialogButtonBox, QDockWidget, QGraphicsSceneDrapDropEvent, QIODevice, QSqlQueryModel, QSqlTableModel, QString, QTextDocument, QWidget classes
  • several bug fixes

QtAda 3.2.x source code: qtada-gpl-3.2.0-20120708-3871.tar.gz

QtAda 3.2.x Microsoft Windows package (GNAT GPL 2011, Qt 4.8.2): qtada-gpl-3.2.0-20120708-3871-qt4.8.2-1.exe

QtAda 3.2.x Microsoft Windows package (GNAT GPL 2012, Qt 4.8.2): qtada-gpl-3.2.0-20120708-3871-qt4.8.2-2.exe